We need active helpers and supporters at all levels. Whether you would like to contribute your time, commitment or financial support, we welcome any help we can get to make the movement bigger. Here you will find several ways in which you can support our work and vision. Click on the respective button to get more information about the respective support options.

Found a "Love for Mother Earth" - group!

Work with your own creative mind and your own ideas on projects for a new world and be connected to a regional, national and international community that is networked and supports and strengthens each other. Find out here how you can set up your own In Love with Mother Earth group in your region.


Donations help us to bring good into the world and make our work
bigger and more powerful! 
Donate here for the projects of In Love with Mother Earth! THANK YOU for your support!

Supporting membership

Click here for the supporting membership application. By becoming a supporting member, you support us financially with an annual contribution and receive discounts on In Harmony with Nature e.V. events.

Active Membership

Click here for the membership application. By becoming an active member, you support the projects with your energy, your ideas and your manpower. You will receive discounts on all In Harmony with Nature e.V. events.


With a sponsorship you can support us on a monthly basis and help us to finance our projects over a longer period of time. Become a sponsor of existing In Love with Mother Earth projects.

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