2- Schools for Happy Children

The current school system in no way does justice to the holistic approach and maintaining the balance of people and children. Schools that pay attention to a healthy balance of heart and mind are few and far between. Instead, curricula are increasingly crammed with rational knowledge. Many children lose their motivation to learn as early as first grade. Teachers are confronted with high class sizes that hardly allow for individual support. New school concepts are needed that allow schools to become schools of life and that enable all affected groups, teachers and pupils alike, to remain in harmony with themselves and experience support and joy in their own being.

Ideas for Projects

#21- Yoga and Meditation

Many studies have shown that yoga and meditation have a positive impact on the school climate and children's development. Relationships between pupils and teachers improve, children show better social behavior and their concentration and performance levels increase. The potential for the development of children and schools is huge. Support projects that make yoga and meditation an integral part of everyday school life.

#22- Nutrition in Schools 

Many children in schools and at home do not receive food that nourishes them spiritually and energetically. Campaign for a change of diet in schools, e.g. according to Ayurvedic and yogic principles, which aims to increase children's energy levels and provide them with mental and physical vitality. Projects can also be initiated to inspire parents to change their diet at home.

#23- Personal development for Children, Teachers and Parents

Children do not learn at school and only rarely at home about the importance of the relationship with themselves and nature and the natural knowledge they already carry within themselves. Nor do they learn about the laws of nature that need to be observed in order to live a life of happiness, abundance and harmony with themselves and nature. Every person is the creator of their own reality. The sooner we understand this and the mechanisms behind it, the more fulfilled we can make our lives. Get involved in projects that are specifically committed to making this basic knowledge accessible to all children and parents from an early age. This is the only way we can find a mindful approach to ourselves, our fellow human beings and creation.

#24- Development of new School Concepts and Schools 

It has been scientifical proven that humans use just five percent of their brain capacity. What would he be capable of if the remaining 95% were used? On the one hand, every person possesses worldly knowledge and, at the same time, carries a supernatural spiritual potential within them. The task of every person is to develop and express their full potential and to use it for the benefit of their fellow human beings and the earth. Only then can they lead a happy life. To this day, children are being crammed with one-sided rational knowledge and their supernatural intuitive abilities are being negated in the school system. As a result, children lose valuable years in their development and their connection to themselves. Campaign for a school that recognizes, trains and promotes children's abilities, that connects heart and mind and thus helps them to develop holistically. Part of these school concepts should be natural and democratic learning, in which children can determine their own developmental progress in their areas of interest. The school concepts should enable children and teachers to learn and teach with joy and in a loving environment and to maintain their natural inner balance in a healthy coexistence.

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