6- Regeneration of the Earth

Humans have left behind a real mess in many places on earth. Oceans, rivers and forests are carelessly littered. It is time to clean up and return the earth to its original beauty and make it a place worth living and loving for everyone.

Ideas for Projects

#61- Clean up the Waters

At present, 10 million tons of waste are disposed of in the oceans every year. Decomposing plastic parts pose a particular danger to humans and marine life. The whole thing must come to an end, because it harms animals and humans. We are called upon to repair the damage that we humans have caused. Initiate projects that bring people together and specialize in cleaning up beaches and riverbanks.

#62- Reforestation Projects

There are impressive experiences of people who show that parched and exploited areas of land can be regenerated and renaturalized. They can recover in such a way that, for example, positive climatic changes occur and the land becomes fertile again. Initiate projects in which you work to heal and renaturalize parched and exploited areas and return them to their original balance.

#63- We clean up the Cities

Cities are also littered by careless people. Organize one or more groups that specialize in cleaning up individual urban areas, for example, and promote developments on how to encourage a mindful approach to nature in the city.

#64- We clean up the Forests

In many of the world's forests, people carelessly throw their garbage into nature. Organize groups that take care of the regular cleaning of local forests.

#65- Awareness & Mindfulness of Man and Nature

In order for people to feel connected to nature and develop a mindful attitude towards it, a change in consciousness is of fundamental importance. Only when people understand that their actions and deeds have an impact on the big picture, simply because they are part of the big picture, can they take personal responsibility and correct their behavior. Get involved in projects that create this awareness.

 #66- Natural Cities

Nature is a natural healer. Everyone knows the harmonizing feeling that comes from spending time in nature. It is expected that in the next few years, around 2/3 of humanity will live in large cities. For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly important to transform cities into soothing, green oases that bring the power of nature into the city. Get involved in projects that green cities and turn them into an aesthetic and natural oasis.

#67- Zero Waste 

In our carelessness and ignorance towards nature, we humans have littered the earth in recent decades and thus also interfered significantly with the lives of other living beings and caused destruction.  Inspire people to live more waste-free in their everyday lives.

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