Your contribution to a world in peace and harmony!

Abundance, freedom, joy, peace and love in everyday life! Is this a vision and longing of the world that you also carry in your heart? It can become reality if we join forces and create it together. Let yourself be inspired and connect with positive regional and supra-regional forces and work with your own creative mind and ideas on projects for a new world with the support of a global community.

1- Self-cultivation and self-sufficiency

An important solution for healing the earth is a return to self-sufficiency. Get involved in projects that inspire you and others to grow your own food in a creative way!

2- Schools for happy children

Help build new schools that take into account the holistic nature of humanity and children in the learning concept and enable children to live in harmony with themselves and their nature from an early age!

3- Holistic health

Work for projects that promote the use of naturopathy and alternative therapy methods and respect the dignity, wholeness, personal responsibility and intuition of people and include them in the recovery process.

4- Conscious Living and Dying 

A conscious approach to one's own mortality during one's lifetime leads to a conscious approach to life and death. Work to create rites of passage and offerings that accompany the soul during life, at the end of life and also after its transition.

5- Humans and Animals in Harmony

Animals have probably suffered the most from human behavior in recent centuries. Help to rebuild trust between the animal world and humans and stand up for the welfare of animals. Organize projects that protect animals.

6- Healing and Regeneration of the Earth

In places, the earth has been turned into a pile of garbage, which is damaging the entire ecosystem. Part of the healing process is to clean up and remove these piles of garbage. Organize projects that specialize in cleaning up the earth!

7- Human and Potential development

Everyone has a unique creativity within them that can make the world a more beautiful and colorful place if it is allowed to express itself. Organize projects that promote the holistic unfolding and development of creative human potential.

8- Community building 

Organize projects that bring together and connect people with the same heartfelt visions in the form of living arrangements, festivals, celebrations, congresses or other events.

9- Economy for the common good

Organize projects that establish a way of doing business that focuses on benevolence, humanity and the common good instead of maximum profit optimization.

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