4- Conscious Living and Dying

A person's transition into the ethereal realms is a particularly important aspect of life that most people do not take into account during their lifetime. The type of consciousness that a person has developed during their lifetime determines which fields of experience the soul connects with in the worlds beyond. Ancient civilizations were aware of this and attached great importance to accompanying the soul during the transition. Unfortunately, today human death has been degraded to a superficial event. We have forgotten that the sooner we face up to the issue of mortality in our lives, the more consciously we will shape our lives.

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#41- Conscious Living and Dying

Some people still believe that it doesn't matter how they live and what they do and that their actions have no consequences. But from nature's point of view, every thought and every action has an impact on the experiences we create in our lives and also after life. If we become aware of the laws of nature during our lifetime and concern ourselves with the structure of the spiritual worlds beyond, we can consciously use life to create a happy and fulfilling future for ourselves. Our spiritual attitude at the time of death also has an important effect on the experiences we will encounter in the future. It is therefore of great importance to learn to create the right awareness that is beneficial for us and our development while we are still alive. Get involved in projects that enable people to become more aware and to create a more conscious and mindful life for themselves. Because everything good we do is our advocate for eternity.

#42- Support following the Transition

In many ancient cultures, people know that life does not end after physical death, but that the soul continues its journey. It was and is therefore natural for them to continue to accompany people who have left the body for a while in the worlds beyond, even after physical death. There are many dangers that the soul can encounter. Above all, people who did not follow any spiritual practice during their lifetime need support. If you feel a resonance with this topic, then initiate projects that are committed to continuing to accompany the soul after the dying process.

#43- Holistic End of Life Care

A person's dying process is a very individual, special and profound time in which life is often reflected upon once again. If we have loving companions at our side during this time, we can clarify many things, consciously let go and prepare ourselves inwardly and harmoniously for our imminent departure from the earth. This has a positive effect on our experiences in the worlds beyond. Support projects that promote holistic and conscious end-of-life care.

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