5- Humans and Animals in Harmony

A close, friendly bond can develop between humans and animals. There are many reports of wonderful friendships and also many people who are committed to the welfare of animals. In view of factory farming, violence against animals and the increasing limitation of their habitat, there is a need for much more awareness of this issue and for people who are committed to animal welfare. Initiate projects in which you stand up for animals.

Ideas for Projects

#51- Establishment of Sanctuaries

Many animals lead a cruel existence. Whether street animals, hunted animals or animals from factory farming. If you are an animal lover and have the necessary space available, then initiate sanctuaries where you can create a happy home for animals with a difficult past, where they no longer have to fear death and learn that people are not enemies, but friends.

#52- Vegetarianism / Veganism 

The unbridled consumption of meat by humans is one of the main causes of the current environmental problems and the unequal distribution of food on earth. While almost 70% of food is used to grow grain that is fed to animals as secondary food to meet the demand for meat in the western world, thousands of people in poorer areas of the world are starving to death. Meat decomposes within a few days. Grain, on the other hand, can be stored over a long period of time. Here is the solution to the world hunger crisis. Get involved in projects that raise awareness of the problem of meat consumption, e.g. through lectures, and inform people about possible alternatives.

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